Split-It! Taxi Sharing

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工具 旅游
开发 Kind Capital Pte Ltd

Split-it! is a location based app that lets you book and share taxis on the go! It is a social movement that aims to revolutionize how we interact and navigate in this crowded cityscape.
Why should I use Split-it!?

• Save Money. Split-it! makes it easy to find someone going your way, wherever you are in Singapore.

• Network. Why have a silent ride when you can discover new connections? Split-it! lets you choose who you ride with by linking all users to their Facebook account.

• Go Green. Millions of tonnes of carbon emissions are being released into the world everyday. Make your daily transport more environmentally friendly by sharing your cab.

How do I use Split-it!?

1. Log in with your Facebook account.
2. Type in your starting point, destination, and choose whether to book a taxi (optional).
3. Choose from the list of profiles of people looking to travel along the same route.
4. Use the in-app chat function to confirm your meeting point and to share your taxi booking.
5. Share your ride – you have just Split-it!

But what about safety?

Your safety is very important to us – that’s why all users must be signed in and verified with their Facebook account. A basic profile including only your first name, profile picture, and number of mutual friends is provided to other users when the system suggests a profile match.
No contact information or direct link to your Facebook account is given away at any point in time. A rating system is in place upon completion of a ride so that Split-it! can award courteous members and banish the rude.